2018 - Summer

EAT NYC: Food Reporting and Writing (Session 2)

Course Number: JOUR-UA 204-002

Day & Time: T/R 3:00-6:00pm

Location: 20 Cooper Square

Instructor: Amy O’Connor

Albert Class Number: 2940

“Tell me what you eat, and I will tell you what you are.” – Brillat-Savarin, French epicurean.

This quote captures the spirit of what you will explore immersed for six weeks in the deliciously creative and highly competitive world of food writing. Using New York City as our classroom, we’ll find fresh ways to discover, pitch and tell the stories of those who grow, make, and serve the foods we savor. We’ll bring them to life in a variety of formats—personal narrative, trend pieces, restaurant reviews—with the goal of pitching your best work to your favorite food publication or website.

Those with a hunger for challenge and adventure will be rewarded. You’ll meet guest speakers from the world of food and food journalism, get comfortable interviewing strangers, analyze the state of food journalism, taste and critique new foods, review a NYC restaurant or neighborhood, and develop, pitch, research, report and write (and rewrite!) stories of varying length, all optimized for digital and social promotion.

Food media is changing and growing at breakneck speed, so we’ll find time during each class to share our favorite discoveries, whether it be a compelling video, an undiscovered blog, an infographic that succinctly conveys a complex topic, or an obscure book or newsletter that you think should get more recognition. Because food is a uniquely visual beat with a strong service component, you’ll also get a crash course in recipe writing, video, and food photography.

Whether you decide to make food journalism your career or turn it into a passion project or hobby, this class is designed to keep you deeply engaged with the world of food, which cookbook writer and journalist Molly O’Neill calls “a patch of blue in an otherwise grey news world.”