2020 - Spring

The Editor’s Vision

Course Number: JOUR-GA 1019.001

Day & Time: Wednesday, 4:00pm-7:40pm

Location: Room 652

Instructor: Alexis Gelber

(Magazine Priority)

The class will examine how editors imprint their own sensibility on a magazine, woo an audience, and develop a distinctive identity for their print and digital publications. Coming up with the right mix of articles, visuals, and multimedia content is a constant challenge. Editors are always trying to re-invent the formula as well as struggling to find interesting ways to package service pieces or celebrity profiles, or come up with catchy features and headlines to boost circulation.

New magazines evolve either from one person’s passionate idea (Esquire and its founder Arnold Gingrich, Tina Brown and the Daily Beast) or are launched by corporate magazine development departments (Oprah, Real Simple). This class will examine the history and evolution of magazines, from iconic print publications to new digital sites. Weekly classes will focus on different aspects of magazine-making, and leading editors, art directors and photo editors will visit as guest speakers to provide their expert insights.

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