2020 - Summer

Introduction to Narrative Podcasting (Session 2)

Course Number: SS2: JOUR-UA 202.061

Day & Time: Tue/Thu 5:00 - 8:00 pm

Location: Online

Instructor: Alex Laughlin

Albert Class Number: 2630

Much of the most groundbreaking, relevant, and creative journalism today is happening in podcasting. As popular and influential programs like The Daily, This American Life, and Radiolab show, podcasting isn’t simply your parents’ radio transferred online. It’s an increasingly important, often innovative journalistic art unto itself.

In this summer course, students will learn to craft compelling stories solely in sound. By the end of the summer session, they will complete two professional-quality podcasts to round out their news portfolios. They’ll learn essential hard skills like field recording and editing tape with software. Students will also analyze podcast story structure and learn how to pitch audio stories. They’ll report, plan and prep interviews, write their own scripts, mix and master audio, perform sound design and scoring, and be exposed to the business of podcasting. Along the way, students will find their own voices, offering their unique takes on the world strictly through sound.