2023 - Fall

Journalism Ideas & Practice: The Business of Podcasting

Course Number: JOUR-UA 25, section 1

Day & Time: Tue | 10:00 AM – 11:40 AM

Location: EDUC, Room 303

Instructor: Steven Goldstein

Syllabus: Download

Prerequisite: none

Two credits. Same as MPAMB-UE 1313.

The Business of Podcasting examines the economics, marketing, content development process, consumption patterns, merger & acquisition activity, core companies, technological innovation, and trends driving the podcast industry. Through workshops, discussions, readings, research reports, social media and guest speakers, students will gain a deep understanding of the business while learning essential fundamentals that will benefit them within any facet of podcasting and other forms of linear audio

Notes: Can count as an elective towards the journalism major when coupled with a second 2-credit journalism elective. Does not count toward either journalism minor.