2024 - Fall

Advanced Reporting: Exploring Fringe Cultures (Print/Online track)

Course Number: JOUR-UA 301.002

Day & Time: Mon | 6:00 PM – 9:40 PM

Location: 20 Cooper Square, Room 652

Instructor: Keith Kloor

Prerequisites: The Beat JOUR-UA 201 (Print sections)

Subcultures have long flourished in modern America, from outlaw motorcycle clubs and punk rock to gamers and goths. Sometimes, what starts out on the cultural fringes, like rap music and skateboarding, becomes mainstream and part of pop culture.

The rise and spread of subcultures first comes to light in the media. Journalists and writers are among the early chroniclers. That’s our objective this semester, to capture new and emerging or fast-growing fringe cultures– and the people who are driving them.

Throughout the semester, you’ll immerse yourself into a number of these passionate fringe communities and profile a variety of offbeat characters, from competitive eaters and dumpster-diving “freegans” to year-round urban surfers and the new breed of UFO seekers.

Assignments will include short pieces, Q&As, and a 3,000 feature story. This is the Capstone course and emphasizes the development of students’ research, reporting and writing skills, culminating in a publishable long-form article.

Notes: Required for students pursuing the print/online track in the journalism major. Counts as an elective for both journalism minors.

Questions? Email undergraduate.journalism@nyu.edu.