2024 - Summer

Introduction to Narrative Podcasting (Session 2)

Course Number: SS2: JOUR-UA 202.006

Day & Time: Mon/Thur 9:00 am-noon

Location: 20 Cooper Sq.

Instructor: Claire Tighe

Syllabus: Download

Albert Class Number: 2491

Podcasting has become one of the premiere mediums for creative storytelling and journalism.

In this summer course, students will learn to craft compelling stories solely in sound. By the end of the summer session, they will complete professional-quality pieces to add to their portfolios. Students will engage podcasting as an art unto itself while developing storytelling skills useful in any medium. They’ll learn essential skills like field recording, editing tape with software, and sound design. They’ll also develop the research and interview techniques necessary to craft compelling audio narratives. Importantly, students will develop their own creative voices and abilities to explain the world through sound.

Counts as an elective for the journalism major and both journalism minors.