Writing About Podcasts: Genre, Format and The Critic’s Role

Guest speakers Sarah Larson and Nicholas Quah in conversation, moderated by Prof. Robert Boynton.

January 31, 2023

7:00 PM ET

NYU Arthur L. Carter Journalism Institute
7th Floor Commons
20 Cooper Square
New York, NY 10003

From the podcast enthusiast to the cynic (whose eyes roll while lamenting “Who DOESN’T have a podcast?”), practically everyone can agree that the top two names in podcast criticism are Vulture’s Nicholas Quah and the New Yorker’s Sarah Larson. For years, these two have been defining success for the medium, tracking the growth of the industry and grappling with the ethical dimensions of new works of audio journalism.

With a special interest in podcast taxonomy, Prof. Robert Boynton, director of the Literary Reportage concentration and longtime fan of audio journalism, moderates this panel on the unique challenges of writing about podcasts.




Hosted by the Arthur L. Carter Journalism Institute’s new graduate MA concentration in Podcasting and Audio Reportage.



Sarah Larson is a staff writer at The New Yorker. Her column, Podcast Department, appears on newyorker.com.

Nicholas Quah is a critic for New York Magazine’s Vulture. He founded Hot Pod, a trade publication covering the podcast industry, now part of The Verge.

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