October 16, 2015

Master Class with Kirsten Johnson

Kirsten Johnson

Kirsten talked about her latest endeavors and analyzed clips of problems the third semester NewsDoc students faced in field. Each of their examples were used as stepping stones to a more advanced discussion of shooting including with tips on lighting, framing, and establishing a connection to subject.

What We Learned

The Above is about surveillance and the US makes us think that it is always watching you. Its like the eye in the sky. She built that film from footage that was years old and she knew she could build it off of that. I think it really illustrated the idea that it always emphasized in our class. It is very essayistic in the way that it require the audience to give meaning to the film themselves.” – Ruohan

“In terms of visual info it is all up to the audience to interpret it. I really like her feedback. She got my theme instantly. She is so purposefully in every shot she makes. As long as you have integrity you have a shot. She compiled all of these different shots.They are very motivated shots.” – Rahmah

“I was thrilled that she saw much in it and there was definitely a theme and thought that my character resonated. The fact that she could even see that was interesting. It taught me to look outside to what you think you need to whats happening.” – Anna

“She was filming about this dying girl-ethical choice so what is the answer-you don’t know the answer every time it is a new question, you don’t know what is right and wrong. You have to go with what feels right; illustrate personality and moments to work into the structure.” – Siyi

“Kirsten gave me good advice on how to make a better character. She is the only one to do this publically.
How much focus it takes to get a shot out of what you are shooting. Don’t just take something that is a good picture and don’t waste your time on something you can’t make work. Make your film work.” – Alberto

“Walk away if something is not working, regroup watch what is going one, think about it and then you can solve problems you are frustrated by when shooting you couldn’t deal with it. Then come back.” – Kris