March 1, 2016

How to Be Literate in What’s Changing Journalism

How to Be Literate in What's Changing Journalism

“Online, the simplest way to add value is to save the user time.” That’s one of the first things that grad students in @studio20nyu learn. And it was the key principle behind the NewsLiteracy2016 project.

Each of Studio 20’s eleven graduate students took an important trend or disruptive force that is changing journalism and studied it until they knew it cold. Then they reduced all that knowledge to a package of time-saving features: a brief 500 word overview, a list of “killer links” for further reading, the best people to follow for that topic, charts and graphs to illustrate trends, key quotes from big thinkers, and a “why is this important?” box. The cover image serves as both a summary of the project and a table of contents to send readers where they want to go. The site was designed and built by Studio 20 students, who did all the research.

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