June 29, 2016

Prof. Mohamad Bazzi wins first place award from the National Society of Newspaper Columnists

Mohamad Bazzi

Mohamad Bazzi


Mohamad Bazzi, a NYU Journalism Associate Professor, was awarded first place in the Online Columns category by the National Society of Newspaper Columnists for commentaries he wrote on the Middle East for Reuters in 2015. Bazzi is a regular contributor to the Reuters opinion section.

In the award citation, one of the judges wrote:

Mohamad Bazzi writes with great clarity and urgency about the salient issues related to the Muslim world and America’s relationship to it. In his columns, he demonstrates his extensive body of knowledge about Islamic culture and history, laying out an array of facts that speak just as convincingly as his own sensible commentary. His reason-driven arguments stand out amid a global conversation in which emotions typically run so high. At a time when understanding these issues is crucial, Bazzi is contributing valuable, calm-headed viewpoints to a momentous subject.”


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