March 29, 2017

Recent alum earns spot on Hearst Awards Top 10 List

Hearst Journalism Awards Program

Recent alum Kelvin Huang, whose story “Fight Night” profiled a Muay Thai fighter, earned sixth place in the sports writing competition of the Hearst Journalism Awards, which are often called the “Pulitzer Prize of college journalism.” There were 119 entries received from 69 schools in the category.

With his win, Huang became the third NYU student to crack the Top 10 in a Hearst awards category this year, a tie for the most in school history. The others were Mariana Fernandez (Enterprise Reporting) and Josephine Marie (Television Features).

Along with Omar Etman, who tied for 19th place in Feature Writing, NYU now has four students who have made a Top 20 competition list in the 57th annual William Randolph Hearst Foundation’s Journalism Awards Program, which sets a new school record.


Previous NYU winners in the Hearst Journalism Awards Program

Nathan Kleinfield, 3rd place (General News Writing)
Nathan Kleinfield, 4th place (Feature Writing)
Colleen Sullivan, 8th place (General News Writing)

Nathan Kleinfield, 3rd place (Championship Writing)
John McKeon, 2nd place (General News Writing)
George Wirt, 6th place (General News Writing)

George Wirt, 8th place (Spot News Writing)

Scott Wenger, 4th place (In Depth Writing)

Brian Wright, 9th place (Sports Writing)

Jennifer Gustin, 5th place (Television I)
Jennifer Gustin, 10th place (Championship Television Semi Final)

Stacey Patton, 1st place (Feature Writing)
Stacey Patton, 4th place (Championship Writing)

Stacey Patton, 5th place (Feature Writing)

Benjamin Norman, 10th place (Photo I)
Nicole Tung, 3rd place (Photo III)
Nicole Tung, 8th place (Championship Photo Semi-Final)

Elizabeth Kreutz, 6th place (Multimedia)

Cassia Reynolds, 2nd place (Television I)
Eli Epstein, 5th place (Feature Writing)

Devon Frye, 6th place (Enterprise Reporting)