May 9, 2019

Documentary Distribution: The New Normal

Documentary Distribution: The New Normal (read below for full text)

A panel discussion about documentary distribution within a constantly evolving landscape.

Kim Jackson

Co-founder and President of Entertainment, Breaker. Her critically acclaimed production, Blue Caprice, premiered at Sundance and she was nominated for a Spirit Award for producing. She has been the driving force behind more than a dozen award-winning and theatrically released independent films.

Christie Marchese

CEO, Picture Motion. Her goal is to help independent filmmakers connect with audiences. With a background in using online platforms and connective technologies to create social change, she has worked on a range of films and non-profit campaigns.

DeShuna Spencer

Founder/CEO of kweliTV. The streaming network curates undiscovered and award-winning indie films, documentaries, web series and children’s programming of the global black community. She is also a radio host/producer of emPower Hour.

Karen McMullen (Moderator)

Film Festival Programmer, Editor, Educator. She is the Head of Programming for the IDE Film Festival, Lead Curator for New Voices in Black Cinema Film Festival and a Features Programmer for DOC NYC. She also screens for Sundance and Nantucket Film Festivals.

This panel was held on:

Monday, May 6 6:00 – 8:00pm
NYU Arthur L. Carter Journalism Institute
20 Cooper Square, 7th Floor, New York, NY