September 20, 2019

Alumni France Costrel and Mathieu Faure share their experiences at NYU NewsDoc

France Costrel

NewsDoc 2010

France Costrel is a documentary and series producer with ten years experience at cable and digital media companies ranging from Vice to Showtime. She has developed, produced and directed features on digital culture, technology, race relations, LGBT rights and action sports. France is based in NYC and currently working as Supervising Producer for special projects at Great Big Story. She was previously a Development Producer on the Showtime series Dark Net (Season 1 & 2).

Mathieu Faure

NewsDoc 2018

Mathieu Faure learned and grew as a reporter inside breaking newsrooms, working on different shows in Paris (M6) and in New York (CNN). Now he uses his journalism skills at an international law firm based in the big city, being part of its investigative unit. But do not think for one minute that after winning a Student Oscar he would stop making films and rest on his laurels: “Giving a voice to people and empowering them through the lens of my camera is what drives me more than ever today”. His new documentary should hit film festivals in 2020.