November 17, 2020

Prof. Jason Samuels’ latest documentary project “Smoke: Marijuana and Black America” is reviewed in the Washington Post

Jason Samuels

Prof. Jason Samuels

Through interviews with Kamala Harris and other notable voices, Smoke: Marijuana and Black America chronicles the government’s war on marijuana in the Black community. Prof. Jason Samuels developed the project and is the film’s executive producer.
From today’s Washington Post review: “BET’s sharp and persuasive documentary “Smoke: Marijuana + Black America” is undaunted by the enormous tasks it sets out for itself, not the least of which is to describe a certain profound link between pot and daily existence. The film, airing Wednesday night, is equal parts love story, tragedy and outrage — a cultural history running parallel to the nation’s systemic and hypocritical racism in more ways than some viewers (and marijuana users) may want to admit.”
Smoke: Marijuana and Black America will premiere on Black Entertainment Television Wednesday at 10pm.

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