November 17, 2022

AJO Longform Instructor Ted Conover Publishes New Book

Ted Conover at

“The sparsely inhabited prairie of southern Colorado might seem an easy gig for a writer who once patrolled Sing Sing, but the world Conover describes in his shaggy but engrossing new book, “Cheap Land Colorado: Off-Gridders at America’s Edge, is every bit as harsh in its own way.”

— Jennifer Rease, The Washington Post

“‘Cheap Land Colorado’ is an important book, shedding light on people who are often depicted as caricatures, if they are depicted at all.”

— Bill Heavey, The Wall Street Journal

“With empathy, compassion, and skillful storytelling, Conover engagingly shares the dreams and realities of those he met and befriended, offering a window into a community that few readers will ever experience.”

Kirkus Reviews