May 24, 2024

SHERP Class Wins National Contest for Best Student Magazine Issue

The 41st SHERP class, which graduated in December, was just awarded 1st prize in the category of best single-issue student magazine in the Society of Professional Journalists’ nationwide Mark of Excellence contest, one of the largest journalism contests in the world. The SHERP students won for their Scienceline for Kids issue, which the class conceived and developed as an entirely student-led project. You can read about how they did it here. To advance to the national contest, the SHERP students first had to win the Northeast regional contest. They then competed against 11 other regional winners and came out on top!

Congratulations to issue editor Ellyn Lapointe, art director Alice Sun, and writer/editors Timmy Broderick, Emily Driehaus, Anna Gibbs, Maddie Goldberg, Gina Jiménez, Calli McMurray, Kiley Price, Gwendolyn Rak, Marlowe Starling, and Lori Youmshajekian. Their faculty advisor is Distinguished Journalist in Residence Ivan Oransky