Adrian Mihai

Adjunct Faculty


Professor Mihai, the broadcast operations manager of the department, is a freelance videographer, independent producer and multi-media designer. He produced and directed several documentaries, “E Pluribus Unum” (1994), a film that investigates the spiritual milieu of first generation immigrants from Romania, as they become integrated into the various folds of the American society, “Someone Has Killed The Sphinx” (1995), a film offers an analysis of Romanian social realities following the overthrow of Nicolae Ceausescu’s dictatorship, as seen through the staging of”Oedipus”, at the Romanian National Opera House, “Crossroads” (1998), a film that takes a look at Columbia University’s Graduate Acting Program, created and steered by renowned Romanian-American director Andrei Serban, “E Biagoresqo Drom / The Endless Journey”, a documentary about the Rroma/Gypsy communities of Romania. Professor Mihai worked as freelance cameraman for various news organizations such as Bloomberg televison news, BBC America, CNN. Since 1996, he has taught undergraduates and graduates “Electronic News Gathering”.