Brian Bull

AJO Class of 2022


While I’ve accomplished many things in my 25+ years as a journalist, I’ve always wanted a formal education in my profession. NYU’s Masters Program in American Journalism Online was the perfect opportunity to solidify my knowledge, yet also challenge and improve my skills. My professors were all top-notch, and invited me to share my insights as a working professional with my classmates.

“Since graduating, I’ve filled in as News Director for the public radio station where I work, and have been invited by several organizations including the Society of Environmental Journalists and the Society of Professional Journalists to discuss covering Indigenous issues. I was also recently asked to undertake a comprehensive review of The Oregonian newspaper’s past racist coverage of BIPOC communities. I’ve felt a lot of interest in my background and experience since wrapping up at NYU, so I’m sure that was a great boost to my profile!”