Lilian Manansala

Lilian Manansala

American Journalism Online 2021

As a choreographer and performer in Los Angeles, Lilian applied to the AJO program after the start of the pandemic and in the wake of the George Floyd protests.

In her last semester she received a 6-month fellowship as a Video Production Fellow at Insider and after only four months was offered a full-time position in the News and Documentary Team. She was also a member of the first cohort of the Vox Media’s Writers Group in Summer 2021 and was part of an AJO podcast team producing a series that looks at restorative justice and the criminal justice system.

“With its dedicated faculty of active practitioners and experienced professionals, The American Journalism program gave me a strong foundation for my education in journalism. I had been seeking a master’s that offered the flexibility of remote learning, but also one that would rigorously train me as a journalist, writer, and reporter. I got that and more: the professors, and the guests they brought in as speakers, provided us with a clear-eyed look of the industry, shared their journey with humor and humility, discussed current issues we face with transparency, and overall, impressed upon us the importance of ethical, fair practices.

I not only learned the different approaches in reporting and storytelling, I was able to take advantage of taking on ‘real-live’ reporting outside of classwork. That heuristic approach was invaluable in my training. Throughout my year at AJO, I was surrounded by intelligent colleagues, generous professors, and a network of people who support us students in our success, well-being, and goals. Even months after graduation, I feel supported by this incredible program and the individuals who believe strongly in producing the next generation of journalists.”