Lindsay Ray Hicks

Lindsay Ray Martin

American Journalism Online

Lindsay had been working as a freelance reporter before coming to AJO, but in her second semester in the program, she landed a job as a Broadcast Associate at CBS News, where she utilized her broadcasting skills working on the true-crime show 48 Hours. She has always been interested in beauty as well, and after leaving CBS she became an editor at

Before AJO, I was an undergraduate student with a passion for writing and no clear direction. I always knew I wanted to pursue print journalism, especially in the beauty and lifestyle space, but I needed that slight push to get me there — and that’s where NYU’s AJO program comes in. Within two months of graduating, I went from an inexperienced freelance writer taking any opportunity I could get (and working tireless hours for free) to an editor at one of Static Media’s leading beauty brands, Glam.

Thanks to the AJO program and the valuable skills I gained along the way, I found my footing in the world of journalism and am excelling in my career. The program taught me that, with the right tools and the passion to match, climbing the ladder in a field as demanding as journalism is not only possible, but likely. I can’t thank the program enough for giving me the push I needed to reach my dreams.