Marcia Rock

Marcia Rock

Associate Professor
NewsDoc, Director

MARCIA ROCK, producer/director/writer, is an author and three-time Emmy award winning independent documentary producer. Her work covers international dilemmas, women’s issues as well as personal perspectives. She recently completed two films on veterans, Warriors Return about the struggle with Post Traumatic Stress by Navajo veterans and SERVICE: When Women Come Marching Home, a documentary on the issues women vets face from

​the challenges of physical injuries to women fighting the hidden disabilities of PTSD and the insidious contributor to that, military sexual trauma. In 2008 she produced “Salt Harvesters of Ghana,” that captures the beauty and dignity of women working in moon-like landscape, caught in an unrelenting cycle of work. In 2008 she also produced Writers’ Rooms: The Making of a Mural. It gives the background of Elena Climent’s mural hanging in the NYU building, 19 University Place.

Before this, Rock worked with the personal documentary form with her experience framing “Surrender Tango,” on how partnering in tango relates to life, 2006. It was highlighted at the New York Tango Festival and the Milan Documentary Festival. In 2002 she produced “Dancing with My Father,” a story about how adult love is often shaped by what a child learns at home. She combines self-analysis and dynastic saga as she traces her family demons from a tiny Jewish community in Slovakia, to the immigrant neighborhoods of Cleveland, Ohio during the early 20th Century. In the process she finally learns to dance with her father and not around him. It was included in the Schenectady Jewish Film Festival, Dallas Video Festival, The San Francisco Jewish Film Festival, Northampton Film Festival, Big Bear Lake International Film Festival, The Cleveland International Film Festival, and was featured at the American Psychological Association and the Family Therapeutic Networker Conference.

Her documentary on the women of Northern Ireland, Daughters of the Troubles: Belfast Stories won the American Women in Radio and Television Grand Award and Documentary Award; The Association of Women Journalists, Vivian Castleberry Award for Television; the Chris Award, 1st Place in the Columbus International Film & Video Festival; the Bronze Medal from Worldfest Houston; and the Silver Apple from the National Educational Media Network. It was chosen for the Cork Film Festival, the Women in Film Festival Dublin and the Southern Circuit Lecture Tour of four southern states. It aired in Ireland, Northern Ireland, Spain, Canada and on PBS stations in New York, Boston, Philadelphia, Washington D.C., Los Angeles, Detroit, Milwaukee and Denver.

In 1998 she produced, “Back from Beyond: Women Abuse and Drugs,” profiling a new approach to drug treatment, specifically geared to women addicts convicted of non-violent felonies. It received an honorable mention from the Chris Awards (1999). In 1994 she produced City Originals: Women Making It Work hosted by Donna Hanover. This program profiles the contributions of three women to the quality of life of New York City. It received the Bronze Plaque from the Chris Awards in the social issues category (1994) and honorable mention in profiles, markets 1-25 from American Women in Radio and Television Commendation Awards (1995).

Rock has produced three major documentaries on Ireland and Irish Americans: McSorley’s New York, a documentary essay that chronicles the history of New York’s Irish immigrant community and the role McSorley’s Ale House has played in the cultural and political life of the City. It won a New York Emmy in 1987. Sons of Derry (1992) profiles two men in Northern Ireland working to overcome the bitterness of the past. It won the Bronze Medal from the New York International Program Festival (1993). No Irish Need Apply (1993) is and historical tour with writer Peter Quinn of 1860s New York based on the scenes set in his novel, Banished Children of Eve.

In 1991, she received a New York Emmy nomination for Village Writers: The Bohemian Legacy, (1990) a documentary on the literary history of Greenwich Village. Rock produced the profile of North Carolina writer Reynolds Price in Reynolds Price: A Writer’s Inheritance (1989) exploring the powerful relationship between family history and art. It won the Red Ribbon award from the American Film and Video Festival (1992). In 1988 she produced a documentary on the media coverage of the Intifada in Israel in, Israel Through the News. In 1999 she was executive producer of “Turning Inward: Ethnic Tensions in Russia.”

She won her first Emmy for The Singing Angels in China, a chronicle of a Cleveland youth choir’s trip to China in 1983.

In 1988 she and Marlene Sanders co-authored Waiting for Prime Time: The Women of Television News.

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