Raegan Scharfetter

Raegan Scharfetter

American Journalism Online 2022

Prior to joining AJO, I had always wanted to dip my toes into the world of science journalism but didn’t know where to even start.

So, while working as a digital producer for CBS News Texas during the uncertainty of COVID-19, I decided to take the company up on its tuition assistance program with the end goal of learning an entirely new beat.

Through its unique mentorship initiative and by the help of its dedicated professors (seriously, they are the best) I was able to not only obtain bylines for outlets like National Geographic and Scientific American, but I was also fortunate enough to land a book deal, and later a career with NASA in its public affairs office.

Of course, it took a lot of hard work and long nights but I could’ve never done any of these things without this program. To be a journalist is to learn something new every day, and despite not being in the industry anymore—that is something I will carry with me throughout my career.