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A journalism program located in the publishing capital of the world should be more than a teaching institute. It should be a publisher. Welcome to the Institute’s publishing platform. Here the Institute acts as both public-interest publisher and presenter of work in different media by our students, faculty and alumni. In part, it is our laboratory, the place where we teach journalism by doing journalism and offer it to readers, listeners, viewers, and interactive users. Teaching requires one kind of audience, publishing quite another. This is where the two meet. The emphasis is on quality — work that is accurate and compelling, innovative and classic. We hope you enjoy it.

Harper's Bazaar
April 12th, 2022
Garcelle Beauvais Is Just Getting Started
Audra Heinrichs
American Journalism Online 2022
April 9th, 2022
Frustrated and anxious, climate advocates are turning to legal action. The latest petitioners: College students
Pooja Salhotra
Literary Reportage 2022
Dance Magazine
April 8th, 2022
The Toll of Touring: Dealing With the Hidden Mental Health Challenges
Sarah Parker
American Journalism Online 2021
Los Angeles Times
April 7th, 2022
Op-Ed: Why pictures of the horrors in Ukraine can strengthen our political will
Susie Linfield
The New Yorker
March 21st, 2022
The Pied Piper of Psychedelic Toads
Kimon de Greef
Literary Reportage 2021
March 18th, 2022
Putin’s Ukraine playbook is familiar — he used it in Syria
Mohamad Bazzi
Associate Professor | Hagop Kevorkian Center for Near Eastern Studies, Director
Deseret News
March 17th, 2022
Book bans are the new front in the culture wars. What’s really going on?
Laurenz Busch
Magazine & Digital Storytelling 2022
March 16th, 2022
Pandemic Hit the Pause Button on Discoveries of New Species
Niranjana Rajalakshmi
SHERP 2022
Scientific American
March 15th, 2022
Newly Discovered Saber-Tooth Predator Shows How Hypercarnivores Evolved
Raegan Scharfetter
American Journalism Online 2023
The Philadelphia Inquirer
March 12th, 2022
More than 4,000 Pa. kids have lost someone to COVID-19, but they’re mourning alone
Alison McCook
SHERP 2001
PBS Newshour
March 12th, 2022
Meet the new generation driving Myanmar’s resistance
Jason Maloney
Clinical Professor
The New Yorker
March 4th, 2022
Benjamin Franklin’s Google Search History from June, 1752
Maeve Dunigan
American Journalism Online 2022
Believer Magazine
March 3rd, 2022
A Fraying Narrative
Emily Carmichael
Literary Reportage 2022
Al Jazeera
March 3rd, 2022
Bosnians relive past war trauma as Russia invades Ukraine
Alma Milisic
American Journalism Online
March 1st, 2022
Paying Melvin Van Peebles His Due: Revisiting the Black Filmmaking Pioneer’s Bittersweet and Iconoclastic Career
Craigh Barboza
Adjunct Faculty
The New Republic
February 26th, 2022
The Ukraine Invasion Has Scrambled CPAC’s Brain
Laura Jedeed
Literary Reportage 2023
February 23rd, 2022
How American Conservatives Turned Against the Vaccine (video)
Joss Fong
SHERP 2013
February 20th, 2022
‘Euphoria’ Rising Star Chloe Cherry on Fezco, Fashion and Her Future On-Screen
Mónica Marie Zorilla
American Journalisn Online 2022
February 17th, 2022
Why Turkmenistan’s Gates of Hell Could Soon Be Closing Forever
Lindsay Rogers
American Journalism Online 2020
February 16th, 2022
The Murder of Christina Yuna Lee Lays Bare the Need to Address Homelessness
Audra Heinrichs
American Journalism Online 2022
February 14th, 2022
Sha’Carri Richardson Speaks Out On Olympics’ Doping Double Standard
Emily Leibert
American Journalism Online 2021
PBS Newshour
February 13th, 2022
Meet one of the journalists fighting to keep press freedom alive in Myanmar
Jason Maloney
Clinical Professor
Boston Review
February 9th, 2022
“Representation doesn’t just mean heroes. We need the villains as well.”
Nate File
Literary Reportage 2021
Treatment Magazine
February 9th, 2022
Schools vs. Juul: A Massive Anti-Vaping Lawsuit Builds Momentum
Jennifer Taylor
American Journalism Online 2023