Radio Diaries Presents: The Unmarked Graveyard

Stories from Hart Island

December 6, 2023


NYU Arthur L. Carter Journalism Institute
7th Floor Commons
20 Cooper Square
New York, NY 10003

Poster for eventHart Island, a narrow strip of land in the waters off the Bronx, is America’s largest public cemetery. Since 1869, more than a million people have been buried there, including early AIDS patients, unidentified and unclaimed New Yorkers, immigrants, incarcerated people, artists, and about ten percent of New Yorkers who died of COVID-19.

The new Radio Diaries series tells the stories of seven people—a man who lived in a city park, a writer, a missing college student, an estranged uncle, a composer, and a father who struggled with addiction—who were buried on Hart Island through a range of circumstances.

At this special event at NYU, the Radio Diaries team will share audio, photographs and a behind-the-scenes look at the making of the series. Light refreshments and bites will be served.


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