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Modern Journalism

NYU’s American Journalism Online certificate course

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This program provides aspiring journalists the flexibility to learn essential journalistic practices and skills, all on their schedule – it’s 100% online, on-demand, and completely self-paced.

Modern Journalism is a partnership between NYU American Journalism Online, Rolling Stone, and the online education platform Yellowbrick. Award-winning faculty from the Arthur L. Carter Journalism Institute alongside leading journalists from Rolling Stone guide students through the production of news stories from the ground up – beginning with idea generation, emphasizing in-depth research and interviewing techniques, continuing to writing, rewriting, and editing. This program is for aspiring journalists of all backgrounds who want to build the necessary skills to write compelling stories and communicate effectively with the public while leveraging the opportunities afforded to writers in the digital age.

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Journalism Online Certificate Program


Modern Journalism Program Overview

Modern Journalism consists of six online modules. Each module is 3-5 hours in total and includes on-demand video lessons, real-world case studies, skill-building activities, and self-paced projects and assignments. Upon completing the course, students will earn a non-credit certificate in Modern Journalism from American Journalism Online.

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