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A journalism program located in the publishing capital of the world should be more than a teaching institute. We teach journalism by doing journalism. We also encourage and help students pitch their work. Our students, faculty, and alumni have been published across television, audio, print, and digital media. Here is some of our work. We hope you enjoy it.

April 1st, 2023
Grief and Tangled Politics Were at the Heart of Kentucky’s Fight Over New Trans Law
Divya Karthikeyan
Literary Reportage 2021
Harper's Bazaar
March 28th, 2023
Can Clothes Be “Extremely Offline”?
Mikaela Dery
Cultural Reporting and Criticism 2020
The Washington Post
March 24th, 2023
Christopher Judge is Blazing a New Trail
Jamal Michel
American Journalism Online 2024
Earth Island Journal
March 23rd, 2023
Saving the Mulanje Cedar
Michael Levy
Literary Reportage 2023
Logo for Brooklyn Magazine publication outlet
March 21st, 2023
The Man Behind Royce Hill Didn’t Really Feel Like Doing This Interview
Curtis Rowser III
Magazine & Digital Storytelling 2023
Publication logo for new lines magazine
March 21st, 2023
Condemned to Death for Blasphemy in Pakistan, She Lives a Life of Poverty in Exile
Ailia Zehra
Global and Joint Program Studies, 2024
The Guardian
March 19th, 2023
US Christian Group Accused of Covering Up Sexual Abuse of Minors
Natalia Borecka
American Journalism Online 2023
theworld.org logo
March 17th, 2023
Art Historians Debate Identity of Iconic Mariupol Painter
Melissa Rodman
Cultural Reporting & Criticism 2022
The Atlantic
March 17th, 2023
You Can’t Define Woke
Thomas Chatterton Williams
Cultural Reporting and Criticism 2006
The new republic publication logo
March 17th, 2023
I Am an Iraqi American. The Iraq War Still Chills Me to the Bone.
Nina Burleigh
Adjunct Faculty
March 16th, 2023
Defining Masculinity on Your Own Terms
Frank Festa
Reporting the Nation & New York in Multimedia, 2022
The Atlantic
March 14th, 2023
The Failed Promise of Having It All
Apoorva Tadepalli
Cultural Reporting and Criticism 2017
The New York Times
March 14th, 2023
The Subversive Wisdom of ‘Old Wives’ Tales’
Hillary Brenhouse
Cultural Reporting and Criticism Alumna
Inside Climate News
March 13th, 2023
New York City Begins Its Climate Change Reckoning on the Lower East Side, the Hard Way
Delaney Dryfoos
SHERP 2022
March 13th, 2023
What Happened to All the Snow? Snowpack decline may intensify climate change
Ellyn Lapointe
SHERP 2023
The Texas Observer
March 13th, 2023
Abortion Training in Texas is Vanishing
Calli McMurray
SHERP 2023
March 13th, 2023
A VIP Look (and All the Photos) Inside the Best 2023 Oscar After-Parties
Maia Torres
Magazine & Digital Storytelling 2023
The new republic publication logo
March 10th, 2023
The Tyranny of the Clock
Melissa Rodman
Cultural Reporting & Criticism 2022
Modern Farmer logo updated 2023
March 10th, 2023
‘Communities, Not Corporations’: Farmers March for Climate Action in D.C.
Marin Scotten
Global and Joint Program Studies, 2023
This American Life Logo
March 10th, 2023
The Problem with Ghosts, Act One: Ghost Industrial Complex
Chenjerai Kumanyika
Assistant Professor
March 9th, 2023
“This Was Real and Raw”: Fans Weigh In On Chris Rock’s Special, From Trans Jokes to Slap Clapback
Cornelia Holzbauer
Magazine & Digital Storytelling 2023
The New York Times
March 9th, 2023
‘Phantom’ Ends. For Musicians, So Does the Gig of a Lifetime.
Maria Clara Cobo
Magazine & Digital Storytelling 2023
March 8th, 2023
For Canadian Patients, Therapeutic Psychedelics Beset by Red Tape
Jonathan Moens
SHERP 2020
Rest of World Publication Logo
March 7th, 2023
Xiaohongshu Becomes an Online Oasis for Trans People in China
Xinrou Shu
Literary Reportage 2022