NYU Arts & Science


General Requirements


Journalism students in Journalism must successfully complete six required courses in their declared print or broadcast concentration, as well as three or Institute-approved or Institute-offered electives.

Journalism students in Media Criticism must successfully complete six required courses in their concentration, and three electives from a specified list of Institute offerings (including the new Topics in Media Criticism rubric [JOUR-UA 622] if offered.

Second Major

All students in both concentrations must complete a second major in addition to Journalism, chosen from the other academic programs in the College of Arts and Science. Thus, all journalism students are double majors. Students cannot take more than 36 points in journalism.

Numeric Literacy

Certain electives from the CAS curriculum can, under special arrangement, be approved as Journalism Institute electives. Also, because the Institute puts a high value on numeric literacy for its Journalism graduates, double majors in Sociology, Psychology, Economics or Politics may count any of the following courses toward their three or four Journalism-required electives, if they choose.

Students in other majors who take any of these courses may do the same. If you have taken the course and want to retain your Journalism electives for Institute-sponsored courses, you also may do so. Here are the course numbers and titles Journalism will count toward the major:

  • Sociology: Statistics for Social Research (SOC-UA 302)
  • Economics: Statistics (ECON-UA 18)
  • Politics: Quantitative Methods in Political Science (POL-UA 800)
  • Psychology: Statistical Reasoning for the Behavioral Sciences (PSYCH-UA 10)

Students who entered the program before Fall 2006:

All students who begin taking Journalism classes in Fall 2006 or thereafter and plan to declare a Journalism major are subject to the requirements listed on this page. Accommodations have been made for students whose journalism coursework already was underway before that date. Please see this helpful table which shows the acceptable course equivalents from the old curricula that will enable pre-Fall 2006 journalism enrollees to meet the new requirements and graduate on time. For these students only, all previous Institute credits, even for discontinued courses, will count toward graduation.