How to Apply

How do I apply?

The Journalism Institute is part of the NYU College of Arts and Science. There are no special tests or other barriers to becoming a Journalism major once you have been accepted at NYU; however, all students must take the Institute’s gateway course, Investigating Journalism (JOUR-UA 501) to begin the major.

Students seeking admission should apply to the Office of Undergraduate Admissions. Do not begin by contacting the Journalism Institute. To declare yourself as a Journalism major please contact the Undergraduate Student Advisor, Andrea Brown at

When can I start a journalism major?

You can start as soon as you begin at NYU and have space in your schedule. Investigating Journalism is your first course and is offered both fall and spring semesters.

Currently none of the core required courses for the major are offered abroad or in the summer, so if you are planning to spend a spring or fall semester abroad during your junior or senior year, it’s best to start the overall program in the fall of your sophomore year to complete the core required courses and give yourself the most flexibility.

Are there any other course prerequisites?

Yes, specific courses have prerequisites. For additional prerequisites please see the curriculum pages for both the Journalism and Media Criticism concentrations. If you have further questions please contact the Undergraduate Student Advisor, Andrea Brown at

Is there a minimum grade to remain a major?

Students must get at least a “C” in a course for it to count toward the major. If they get lower, they must repeat the course. Courses can be repeated only once.

Students receiving under the grade of “B” in the Institute’s gateway course, Investigating Journalism, V54.0501, should schedule an advising session immediately to assess their prospects for continuing in the Journalism major.

What about internships?

There are three types of internships: for-credit, not-for-credit and paid. The for-credit internship, which counts as a skills course and may be taken more than once, is offered under Institute supervision. Students must be majors to do a for-credit internship.

Students may do as many not-for-credit or paid internships as they wish. These internships are not monitored by journalism faculty. Many internship listings may be found here. For more information about internship opportunities please reach out to Sylvan Solloway or Craigh Barboza.

Can I transfer journalism courses that I have taken in another school?

Students may transfer up to four journalism courses from another university if the admissions office has accepted them towards university credit and if they are equivalent to NYU courses. If the Institute does not accept them they go into the general pool of credits.

To receive transfer credit for The Journalistic Inquiry students must have taken an equivalent course at another institution.

Where can I get advisement about my academic program, career plans and other related matters?

Prof. Adam L. Penenberg, Director of Undergraduate Studies, is available to assist students with any questions. Andrea Brown, the Undergraduate Student Advisor for Journalism, is also available to meet with students.

Also, journalism students are encouraged to select a full-time faculty member as an advisor as soon as they declare the major. Serving as an informal mentor, the faculty member can offer suggestions on how to achieve academic and career goals.