2012 - Fall: Video Editing

Day & Time: R, 6:20-10pm

Location: 750

Course ID: JOUR-GA 1182.007

Instructor: David Spungen

This course is dedicated to the craft of editing and producing for the TV News Magazine
genre, broadcast journalism’s long-form storytelling vehicle. The course is broken into
three elements: (1) hands-on non-linear editing – students are given the raw elements from
a story previously broadcast on CBS News (the Diet Project) and edit their version of the
project in a simulated broadcast environment. (2) dissecting video story telling styles in the
news magazine and long-form genre. (3) Integrating these learned editing techniques to the
students’ documentary work. There is class time dedicated to one-on-one editing sessions.

Students may work with AVID, Final Cut Pro 7 or both to do their editing. It is important
to understand that this course is not a “how-to-use editing software”. For what it’s worth,
Professor Spungen is fluent in editing with AVID software and is happy to answer any
AVID related questions. His knowledge of FCP7 is not as strong, however all attempts will
be made to help students with FCP7 questions.