2014 - Spring

History of the Media

Course Number: JOUR-UA 610.001

Day & Time: Thur 12:30-3:00pm

Location: 20 Cooper, room 653

Instructor: Mitchell Stephens

An attempt to better understand the communications revolution we are undergoing through an investigation of the nature and consequences of previous communications revolutions. Using readings ranging from Plato to Sontag to Kundera, the course will look closely at the history of spoken language, images, writing, printing, photography, radio and television. How were they understood? How were they initially used or misused? What were their effects upon social patterns, politics and thought? What can that tell us about the potential and potential influence of digital communication?


*Priority given to Media Criticism Students. A permission code is required to register, contact the department at 212-998-7994 or undergraduate.journalism@nyu.edu.