2014 - Spring

Investigating Journalism (lecture)

Course Number: JOUR-UA 501, Section 001

Day & Time: Friday 12:30-3:00pm

Location: Silver 414

Instructor: Mitchell Stephens

Journalism and Prospective Journalism Majors

JOUR-UA 501Investigating Journalism
(formerly  JOUR-UA 501 Foundations of Journalism)

This lecture course will introduce you to issues in journalistic writing and reporting, such as the choices journalists face in method, style, and form; the political impact of the news media; questions of sensationalism, bias, and diversity, and the current digital upheaval. To better understand what journalism has been and might be, students are also introduced to a selection of the best journalism, from Edward R. Murrow on migrant farm workers to Adrian Nicole LeBlanc on family life around the drug trade in the Bronx.
Your work will be reading the assigned pieces, coming to class ready to comment on and question them, preparing for some tests and producing a paper of two during the semester. (Unlike most of the courses in the Carter Institute and the Journalism major, this is not a reporting and writing course, though reporting and writing will often be discussed. )