2014 - Summer: Eat NY (Session 1)

Course Number: JOUR-UA-204.001 (4 credits, no prerequisites)

Day & Time: Tue/Wed/Thurs, 12:00PM-2:00PM, Summer Session 1 (5/27-7/3)

Location: 20 Cooper Sq.

Instructor: Elizabeth Jensen

Who among us doesn’t love to eat? And plenty of us are passionate about cooking. This course will explore how to turn those interests into more than a clever Yelp review, cast a critical eye on the business of food without taking the fun out it, and navigate the competitive world of food journalism. We will learn approaches to writing restaurant reviews; interviewing and profiling chefs, farmers and restaurant owners; tracking the trends on menus and grocery shelves and at the Greenmarket; and probing the complex issues of where we get our food and the economics of running a restaurant. We’ll have guest speakers and take a couple field trips to explore some of New York City’s tantalizing food offerings. Expect to develop, pitch, research, report and write and rewrite a half-dozen stories of varying length from 200 to 800 words. Most of the assignments will be due Tuesday and workshopped in class, with rewrites due at the end of each week.