2017 - Fall

Methods and Practice: Audio Reporting

Course Number: JOUR-UA 202.002

Day & Time: Thursday 10:00am-1:40pm

Location: 20 Cooper Square, room 700

Instructor: Alexandra Starr

Audio Reporting

In this class we will explore the art of audio storytelling. We will listen to top-notch radio pieces and podcasts, do on-the-ground reporting, and learn how to write and voice radio scripts. Our subject will be urban reporting: we will capture the events and personalities that make New York such a diverse and endlessly fascinating city. Students will do radio spots and longer audio stories, culminating in a three-to-four minute piece. By the end of the course, students will have an appreciation for how the spoken word can bring stories alive like no other medium.

Alexandra Starr is a former reporter in NPR’s New York City bureau and has contributed long-form pieces to WNYC. She is also a regular contributor to Harpers’ magazine. Her article for that magazine on African immigrants being trafficked to the United States to play basketball was included in the 2016 edition of Best American Sports Writing.