2017 - Summer

The Story We See (6/6 – 6/29)

Course Number: JOUR-GA 1182-001

Day & Time: TWR 3:40pm - 7:00pm

Location: 20 Cooper Square

Instructor: Adrian Mihai

Albert Class Number: 1305

This is an advanced four-week production course designed to enhance the students’ multimedia story telling technique, an intensive fast-paced, hands-on, story-centered learning environment that recreates the effervescing atmosphere of a real newsroom. Each student will report two multimedia stories that will be published on the class blog. The class will culminate in the LIVE webcast where students will have the opportunity to present their stories, conduct LIVE interviews and share their experiences in producing the stories. This class is the perfect testing ground for the motivated and the curious. The permanent dialogue with the instructor and peers helps the student expand his, or her, awareness of the visual elements and the flow of a story. This is the ideal summer course for the student who wants to enhance his or her portfolio and gain hands-on, marketable skills in today’s workplace. Both, the hard working student and the rebel eager to push the envelope and experiment with new forms of multimedia story telling are welcome. The classroom lectures, hands-on field training, various screenings, lively discussions and debates, team work and tons of summer fun, will leave a long lasting impression and a valuable lesson in journalism and student life. We’ll be competing for publication on the NYMag.com site produced at NYU Journalism, Bedford + Bowery.