2018 - Fall

Journalistic Inquiry: Multimedia (Covering Politics and Social Movements)

Course Number: JOUR-UA 102.004

Day & Time: Mon 2:00pm-5:40pm

Location: 20 Cooper Square, room 750

Instructor: Hilke Schellmann

Journalistic Inquiry: Multimedia (Covering Politics and Social Movements)

In Journalistic Inquiry: Multimedia students will learn how to report news and feature stories using photographs, video, and audio, with an emphasis on storytelling techniques. The course will cover how to develop ideas, reporting techniques, scripting, audio, and video editing.

Midterm elections are in early November and a record number of women and people of color are running for office, supported by a wave of (new) activists advocating for gun control, women’s rights and other issues. This course will cover multimedia stories related to politics and social movements. Students will learn the same skills as in the other Journalist Inquiry: Multimedia classes with one difference: they will cover timely stories with a political and/or social activism angle.

Journalistic Inquiry: Multimedia is divided into three segments: audio, photography, and video designed for web production.  Classes will incorporate discussions, including the “best practices” in audio and video; and in and out-of-class assignments. Ethical and copyright issues involved in multimedia reporting will also be explored in the course.

This class is open to all NYU journalism undergraduates, who have taken Investigating Journalism and Journalistic Inquiry: The Written Word. It will count as an elective. The course is open to students with some video experience as well as those with none. You’ll build your own Website, take photos and produce audio and video stories. It’s a great chance to hone your storytelling abilities and reporting skills across mediums.