2018 - Spring

Methods and Practice: Experimental Journalism

Course Number: JOUR-UA 202.002

Day & Time: Tues 12:30pm-3:00pm

Location: 20 Cooper Square, room 654

Instructor: Mitchell Stephens

Where is journalism headed? The ongoing digital revolution has made possible new means of packaging, distributing and accessing journalism – from blogs to social media, from Twitter to Vine. This course will not only consider what’s next but will consider the revolutions in the content of journalism this technological revolution is making and might make possible. Students will read, watch and listen to journalism – most very new, some very old – that employs path-breaking forms, displays nontraditional styles and approaches under-covered subjects. They will be asked to undertake experiments of their own with such forms, styles and subject matters – initially in short exercises, eventually in a longer piece of journalism. All this with an eye toward beginning to answer another question: What more might journalism enable us to understand?