2018 - Spring

Methods and Practice – Photojournalism

Course Number: JOUR-UA 203.001

Day & Time: Mon 5:00pm-8:40pm

Location: 20 Cooper Square, 655

Instructor: David Handschuh

This class is an introduction to photojournalism with an emphasis on developing the skills professionals use by shooting a series of nine photo assignments. Students are expected to provide their own SLR digital or film cameras, so the initial costs of the class are high. Digital cameras are preferred. The workload is demanding but also fun. Students are encouraged to explore new territory, i.e. venture off campus, to seek out interesting subjects and events worthy of coverage.The photo assignments range from shooting a basic environmental portrait, covering a scheduled public event and a sporting event (usually the New York marathon) to finding feature and pictorial photos in an everyday setting. The culmination is a final project, a photo essay on a single person, group of people or subject, utilizing skills learned throughout the semester. Additionally, every student will select and interview a working photojournalist. Students are expected to spend of time out of class looking at books, magazines, and newspapers and online for excellent photojournalism examples to help generate ideas for the class. Guest speakers from the profession will visit occasionally. By semester’s end, students should have a basic understanding of the impact photographs have on society, the legal and ethical concerns of photojournalists, digital production of photographs, and the importance of captions and text accompanying photographs. Students will also produce a variety of photojournalistic images for an entry-level portfolio.