2019 – Summer: Film Journalism (2-credit) (Session 1)

Day & Time: T - 4:00-8:00 pm

Location: 20 Cooper Square

Course ID: SS1: JOUR-UA 25.001

Instructor: Craigh Barboza

Syllabus: Download

Albert Course Number: 4646

Note: Students pursuing the journalism major or a journalism minor cannot count this course toward one of their required electives. Electives for the major or minors must be at least 4 units.

This intensive, once-a-week course is designed for students with a serious interest in writing about movies for print and digital media. Students practice various forms of film journalism while developing a deeper understanding of the art form through screenings and close readings of works by Brooks Barnes, Pauline Kael, Peter Bogdanovich, Ellen Willis, James Baldwin and Francois Truffaut. Planned class trips include a major film festival and a tour of the Criterion Collection, a film company specializing in art-house cinema. In addition to discussing individual films and film movements, we will cover essential journalism skills, with guest speakers offering guidance on specific topics like reporting and interviewing techniques. Classwork will include writing exercises, presentations and workshops. By the end of the course, students will have raised their cinema I.Q. and written a variety of film articles that inform and engage.