2020 - Summer

The Story We See (4 weeks) (6/2 – 6/25)

Course Number: JOUR-GA 1182.001

Day & Time: Tue/Wed/Thu 3:40pm - 7:35pm

Location: Online

Instructor: Adrian Mihai

Albert Class Number: 1089

This is an advanced four-week production course designed to enhance the students’ multimedia storytelling technique in an intensive, fast-paced, hands-on, story-centered learning environment that was adapted for the online teaching environment. This class is the perfect testing ground for the motivated and the curious. In constant dialogue with the instructor and fellow students, you will expand your awareness of the visual elements and the flow of a story. Despite the current conditions, we will continue to function as a virtual newsroom. We will work via Zoom sessions as a group and in one-on-one sessions through practical exercises enhancing shooting and editing skills. Students will work with the equipment they currently have access to, from smartphones to dedicated video cameras and accessories and they will learn to cover stories while having restricted access. For editing we’ll be using the Adobe suite, and/or what students will have access to. This is the ideal summer course for the student who wants to enhance his or her portfolio and gain hands-on, marketable skills in today’s workplace. Both, the hard working student and the rebel eager to push the envelope and experiment with new forms of multimedia storytelling are welcome. The online lectures, various individual and shared screenings, lively discussions and debates will leave a long lasting impression and provide valuable lessons in journalism and life.