2021 – January

Seminar: Podcasting and Audio Storytelling

Course Number: JOUR-UA 401, section 1

Day & Time: Mon – Fri | 1:00pm – 3:30pm

Location: Online

Instructor: Audrey Quinn

Enrollment for this course is now closed. To be notified if this course is offered again, please subscribe to our newsletter. We also encourage you to consider enrolling in our spring 2021 Audio Storytelling course.

Graphic for January 2021 podcasting course.Prerequisites: None.

Podcasting has revolutionized audio, allowing new voices and forms to be shared widely. This Spotify sponsored course will provide a comprehensive overview of podcasting. Drawing speakers from throughout Spotify, the course will address the central questions in podcasting: How do you develop an idea, analyze a market, and create a show? Once you have a good idea, how do you produce, sustain and distribute it? What podcast formats and genres are thriving? How are they being monetized?

Students will propose new shows at the start of the course, and refine their ideas in light of the information imparted by the speakers. By the end of the course, students will have produced 5-10 minutes of their show, whether an episode or a trailer. Participants will also have the opportunity to be considered for Spotify’s summer 2021 paid internship program in partnership with NYU.

This course is sponsored by Spotify and tuition is free of charge. Department permission is required to enroll, and class is limited to 15 students. To be considered for this class, students needed to submit an application by December 1, 2020. The application is now closed. All students who submitted applications have been notified of their selection decision.

Notes: This course is open to any and all undergraduate students at NYU, regardless of their home college or school, class standing, major, etc. For students pursuing a journalism major or minor, this course counts as an elective.