2022 – Spring

Reporting the News

Course Number: JOUR-GA 1220.001

Day & Time: Mon | 7:00 PM – 10:00 PM

Location: Online

Instructor: Liza Hogan

4 Credits.

Choose a beat and start reporting — then publish your work on our online publication.

Journalist at a cafe

Learn to spout off story ideas, track down interviews, cover live events, structure hard news, and construct a compelling nut graph. In this newsroom crash course, you’ll collaborate with a global cohort to write, edit, produce and promote an online publication. Each week, we’ll cover the nuts and bolts of reporting the news and get you out in the field conducting interviews, taking photos and writing stories. Then you’ll work together as editors, art directors, and social media mavens under the guidance of an experienced instructor. You’ll build a solid portfolio of clips to showcase your talent to future employers.