2022 – Spring

Writing Workshop in Screenwriting – Journalism Techniques

Course Number: DWPG-GT 2082.007

Day & Time: Wed | 4:55 PM – 7:20 PM

Location: 721 Broadway, room 759

Instructor: Suketu Mehta

This course is designed for dramatic writing and journalism students to work together and learn from each other. For dramatic writers, the course will focus on teaching basic journalism research and writing techniques that can be used in the development of their own original work, or in adapting non-fiction to film; for journalism students, this course will help them learn narrative techniques such as story structure, plot, character development and other tools to make their journalism more engaging, and develop their own work into film. Topics covered will include profile writing, conducting interviews, the ethical and legal concerns of writing about real people, research techniques, making nuts-and-bolts news stories more vivid, structuring narrative, and how stories, statistics, and statements work together in a good longform piece. Readings will include screenplays that draw from extensive research, and long-form journalism that uses dramatic and novelistic devices.