2023 - Fall

Reporting the Zeitgeist

Course Number: JOUR-GA 1182.014

Day & Time: Thu | 5:15 PM – 8:55 PM

Location: 20 Cooper Square, Room 700 (Library)

Instructor: Jessica Bennett

The media industry has undergone a radical shift over the last decade, from the makeup of newsrooms to the way that stories are disseminated and consumed. So, too, has the culture — as the way we work, live, communicate, identify and stay connected has been fundamentally transformed. From meme culture to marriage patterns to the #MeToo movement, cultural change is all around us. But how do we identify it? Name it? Capture it? What does it mean to cover the way we live now? In this 14-week course, you will improve your ability to pitch, report and execute stories that reflect the cultural zeitgeist — the ideas, issues, people and trends that tell us something about the current moment.