2024 - Spring

Advanced Reporting: Immigration in Depth (Print/Online track)

Course Number: JOUR-UA 301.003

Day & Time: Mon | 9:00 AM – 12:40 PM

Location: 20 Cooper Square, Room 655

Instructor: Felipe De La Hoz

Prerequisites: The Beat: JOUR-UA 201 (Print sections)

Immigration seems to suddenly and periodically become the biggest story in the country, usually prompted by some shocking new policy or event, and then just as quickly fade again into the background, all the while receiving what is too often a surface-level look.

This course will aim to get students up to speed in covering one of the most contentious and consequential policy issues in the world in a much more focused way, not just responding to the news but understanding the broader trajectories and contexts that shape it. There will be practical components — such as understanding the distinctions between laws, regulations, and policies, or interpreting immigration data — as well as more abstract discussion of our responsibilities as journalists and the vulnerabilities of our sources, among other things.

All of this will culminate in the only way to truly learn the trade: practical experience reporting and writing, with students working on a semester-long project that I will oversee and edit. Expect to find and overcome obstacles, learn to shift your focus as your reporting develops, cultivate sources, and efficiently organize your time and efforts.

Notes: Required for students pursuing the print/online track in the journalism major. Counts as an elective for both journalism minors.

Questions? Email undergraduate.journalism@nyu.edu.