2024 - Summer

DIY YouTube for Journalists (Session 2)

Course Number: SS1: JOUR-UA 203.001

Day & Time: Mon/Thu 5:00-8:00 pm

Location: 20 Cooper Sq.

Instructor: Seth Kugel

Syllabus: Download

Albert Class Number: 2483

YouTube need not be a home just for home construction projects, unhinged political rants, and brand-sponsored makeup tutorials. Some journalists are creating high-quality, original news features, analysis, explainers, opinion pieces, and content-rich vlogs. In fact, YouTube is essentially the only major longform social media platform in a world of TikTok humor and ethically-challenged Instagram influencers. In this course, students will create their own YouTube channels and produce content that meets (or exceeds) the journalistic standards of major media outlets. Students will serve as reporter, fact-checker, presenter and editor, so intermediate video editing skills and a dash of charisma are prerequisites.

Notes: Counts as an elective for the journalism major and both journalism minors.