February 27, 2020

Studio 20 multimedia project “The Great Divide” nominated for a New York Emmy

"The Great Divide" Staff Group Photo (Prof. Hilke Schellmann's Studio 20 WRR2 course)

Students in the Studio 20 graduating class, with program director Jay Rosen. Photo by Sylvan Solloway.

The Great Divide investigates the vast inequities that exist in social mobility, job discrimination, housing and education in New York City through a series of opposing personal video stories.

The journalists explore some of the most important problems of our time: income inequality, lack of social mobility, discrimination and access to adequate and affordable housing and education. The project is nominated in the Public/Current/Community Affairs: Series category.

Prof. Hilke Schellmann taught the Studio 20 Spring 2019 course with web coach Gray Beltran.

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View the nominees list on nyemmies.org

The Great Divide