May 12, 2022

Diana Kruzman, MA 2021, GloJo

Diana Kruzman

Diana Kruzman, a recent graduate of the Global & Joint Program (Near East studies), is one of 13 students selected by Fellowships at Auschwitz for the Study of Professional Ethics (FASPE) for their 2022 journalism program. Kruzman writes about the environment, religion, and urbanism in the US and abroad. She currently works as a Midwest Fellow at Grist. As a freelancer, she has covered human rights and environmental issues in Central Asia. The FASPE journalism program examines the role of journalists in the Nazi state, underscoring that moral codes of the profession can break down with devastating consequences. With this historical background, the journalism fellows are better positioned to confront contemporary issues. Kruzman hopes this will help her develop an ethical framework to guide her reporting.