Anjali Mullany

Anjali Khosla

Studio 20 2010

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Job: Editor of Fast Company Digital at Fast Company
Location: New York, NY

What I Do Now

I oversee Fast Company online: my job includes assigning and editing stories and packages, shaping our editorial vision and growth strategy, and collaborating on editorial products. I also write a bit for the website and the magazine.

Before Studio 20

I earned an MFA from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst.

During Studio 20, I worked directly with…

The New York Times, The Economist

Final Project Partner

The New York Times Local East Village

Problem I helped solve…

I reimagined topics pages as beat pages/open reporter’s notebooks. I was also our class’ pre-launch project manager for this partner.

Professional hops since graduating…

I have worked at The New York Daily News and Fast Company. I’ve also adjuncted at NYU, and I’m a visiting editor in The New School’s Journalism and Design program.

Why Studio 20

Studio 20 readied me for a career in an ever-evolving industry that requires constant problem-solving. I feel grateful to have studied under such resourceful and creative professors — I continue to benefit from their expertise, even as an alumna.