Johannes Neukamm

Johannes Neukamm

Studio 20 2013

Job: Product Owner at Contexte
Location: Paris, France
Hometown: Röttingen, Germany

What I Do Now

I think of ways our readers can best benefit from both our editorial and technical firepower. I’ve been brought on to guide product development for a new data service covering legislative activity for the French and European parliaments. I communicate, delegate, teach, but mostly learn between programmers, writers, editors, analysts and managers. And when we succeed together, I applaud.

Before Studio 20

I studied Literature-Art-Media at Universität Konstanz in the south of Germany.

During Studio 20, I worked directly with…

The Atavist, The Wall Street Journal, Zeit Online

Final Project Partner


Problem I helped solve…

I was part of a group of three that thought about the longform “multi-media special” phenomenon. We broke down digital storytelling into different methods of how to get the point across and gave recommendations for how and when to use each. Then we tried to tell our own story in a “profoundly digital” way and failed miserably, but walked away quite enlightened.

Professional hops since graduating…

I did some freelance work at Project Thunderdome and a few other small gigs, dove deeper into programming and eventually landed a job right where Studio 20 alumni belong: in a newsroom, challenging myself and my colleagues to break down the digital barriers our industry thinks it’s still behind.

Why Studio 20

If you’re already passionate about journalism, Studio 20 lets you follow that passion, peppering it with the right questions on how to make everyone get to work and change things. If you’re not passionate about anything yet, you will be by the end of your studies.