Kat Patke

Katherine “Kat” Patke

Studio 20 2012

Links: Twitter

Job: Software Engineer at Nordstrom
Location: Seattle, WA
Hometown: Kansas City, MO

What I Do Now

I’m currently working primarily in UI development, where I’m helping build the new, modernized Nordstrom.com codebase with ReactJS, Flux and NodeJS.

Before Studio 20

I was the Editor-in-Chief of my college newspaper and an intern at Clash magazine in London.

During Studio 20, I worked directly with…


Final Project Partner


Problem I helped solve…

I explored different methods of creating horizontal community between users to increase loyalty to the site.

Professional hops since graduating…

“Business Analyst, New York University, Global Technology Services Student/Intern, Ada Developers Academy”

Why Studio 20

“Learn the skills needed for the job” was a general mantra while I was at Studio 20. I applied hoping it could teach me the technology-driven journalism mindset that I knew I was sorely lacking. Not only did it do that, but indirectly it taught me that my own curiosity and drive was enough to empower me to learn things I never imagined I could (or would want to), rather than sitting around waiting for others to spoonfeed it to me.